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The MOBILCUT LIGHT bridges the gap between PRINZ stationary packsaws and portable saws mounted on wheels, in well proven PRINZ quality.

Main facts about the MOBILCUT LIGHT:

  • chain engine with 7,5 kW
  • to cut packages with 130x130cm up to 6m length
  • reduced space requirement with only 755cm length
  • cut accuracy of ±2mm with arch guiding
  • cut feed manual
  • positioning of the saw manual with hand wheel/automatic
  • optional extras to best meet your individual requirements: digital readout of the length, laser light and conveyors for waste removal

Technical Data

Power: 7,5 kW
Motor/Engine: electric
Cutting accuracy: ±2mm
Standard package size (width x height): 130x130cm
Larger dimensions available: yes
Cut feed: manual
Guiding of the cut: with arch
Saw type: saw moves/stationary package
Chain types: scraper chain/ carbide tipped chain
Guide bar: solid steel, special hard faced edge
Cutting performance: 2min/m²
Package/saw drive: positioning of the saw
Measuring device available: yes
Applications: travelling saw to handle packages up to 6m length with a cut accuracy of ±2mm and limited space requirement
Optional extras: digital read out of the length/ measuring device
laser light for cut position
conveyors for waste removal
container for waste removal