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The PROFICUT EXACT is an attractively priced cutting unit to integrate in an existing installation. Using the chainsaw technology derivated from the high capacity systems, it is the solution  for giving your timber packages a perfect and precise cut finish. The arch guided cut in combination with the use of a scraper chain  are the guarantors for your package quality.

Engine variants: 7.5 kW and 11 kW

Technical Data

Power: 7,5 kW/11 kW
Motor/Engine: electric
Standard package size (width x height): 51”x 51” (130x130cm)
Larger dimensions available: yes
Cut feed: manual
Guiding of the cut: arch guide frame
Saw type: mobile saw
Chain types: chipper chain/carbide tipped chain
Guide bar: solid steel, special hard faced edge
Cutting performance: 2 min/m²
Log/saw drive: manual
Applications: for puckages and logs