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PC120 – chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are perfectly suited for the forwarding of packages of short length  such as MDF, chipboard and composite materials as these systems are continuous and without any interruption. They are also the best solution when fragile surfaces have to be transported.

Technical Data

Power: 15 kW
Motor/Engine: electric
Cutting accuracy: ±.040” (±1mm)
Standard package size (width x height): 47” x 47” (120 x 120 cm)
Larger dimensions available: yes
Cut feed: gear motor
Guiding of the cut: parallel precision linear bearing guide system
Saw type: stationary saw/package moves
Chain types: scraper chain/ carbide tipped chain
Guide bar: solid steel, special hard faced edge
Package/saw drive: gear motor with frequency converter
Measuring device available: yes
Control system: full and half automatic
Applications: fully automatic production system with ±1mm cut accuracy, unlimited package length
Options: manual or electronic measuring device
exhaust connection, cross conveyors, laser light for cut position
strapping machine, conveyors for waste removal
vibrating rollcase for package alignment to eliminate end trims, container for waste removal
package holding down appliance

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