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With the LOGSPLITTER, you will have no difficulty in converting large diameters of up to 98,5″ (250 cm) into planks, posts or any other required dimensions. All log lengths can be machined without restriction, as the machine moves on rails. The height setting for sawn timber thickness is infinitely adjustable by hand.

  • Available in electric or petrol motor options
  • Electric advance for effortless and convenient  saw operation
  • Infinitely adjustable height settings
  • With fully automatic chain lubrication
  • Well-suited to tropical timber

Technical Data

Power: 15 kW /18,5 kW
Motor/Engine: electric/ petrol
Standard diameters: 78,7″ (200 cm) – 98,5″ (250 cm)
Larger dimensions available: no
Cut feed: gear motor
Guiding of the cut: rails
Saw type: saw moves, logs stationary
Chain types: chipper chain/carbide tipped chain
Guide bar: solid steel, special hard faced edge
Cutting performance: 1 min/m²
Advancing system wood/saw: round link chain
Log/saw drive: gear motor
Measuring device available: no
Control system available: contactor
Applications: log-splitting