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For the professional care and maintenance of your cutting equipment, PRINZ offers you a very comprehensive range of accessories: PRINZ special saw chain oil, chain sharpeners, grinding wheels, rectifying device to correct the running surfaces of your guide bars, and much more …

Equalizing Device


The PRINZ equalizing device PEG is perfectly suited for the optimal repair and maintenance of guide bars. You can extend your cutting attachments‘ service lives in a simple way. The guide bar‘s running surfaces are corrected and burr formation is ground off.

High-quality CBN wheel for equalizing your guide bars.

Face wheels

High-quality CBN wheel for equalizing your guide bars

Chain sharpener

  • professional chain sharpener to grind efficiently all types of
  • chainseasy to use, manual sharpening
  • exact sharpening for better chain life
  • possibility to sharpen carbide tipped chains by using a diamond grinding wheel

Fused aluminium oxide grinding wheels


The high-quality grinding wheels are usable on all common sharpening machines and sharpeners.

  • very good grinding results
  • flexible inner diameter: 12/20/22/25 mm
  • obtainable in various dimensions

Diamond grinding wheels


diamond wheels for carbide-tipped saw chains

Dressing stone


perfect for cleaning and shaping the grinding wheel

Push-type grease gun


For optimal lubrication of your PRINZ baffle plates. High-performance grease in the 400 ml catridge is suitable for this.

Ultrasonic cleaner

device RK 514 BH


Ideal for cleaning your chain saws and other tools and small parts

Ultrasonic cleaner


1 and 5 liters suitable for RK 514 BH

PRINZ special saw-chain oil

  • obtainable in 100 and 150 viscosities
  • for optimal protection of your bars and chains
  • outstanding lubrication and adhesive power
  • by using Prinz special saw-chain oil, you achieve the highest
    degree of service life for your guide bars, chains, chain drive
    sprockets and pulleys
  • obtainable in 60 L and 210 L package

Rivet breaking machine


for a quick and easy chain repair


Riveting machine


suitable for chipper and scraper chains