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Paper roll saws


Especially developed for the paper and recycling industry, PRINZ crosscut saws rend it possible to rapidly split paper rolls. They are also capable to cut down large diameters or cut rolls lengthwise. There is no necessity to unwind the paper roll before cutting. The paper rolls are re-sized in an efficient and cost-effective way to the required width for instance to enable a further process.

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Paper resizing saw TWINPAPER – crosscut saw with loading frame and rotating device. The TWINPAPER ensures a cost-efficient cut of paper rolls while maintaining a high-quality processing of the rolls. The rotation of the roll during the cutting operation enables a fast cutting while allowing for the best cut quality.

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Universal saw UNISTAR to realize your own projects, with hydraulic feed for cut.

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Equipped with an hydraulic feed for cut, the cutting process is made comfortably and without effort. Combined with a roller conveyor table, the roll can be transported and exactly positioned at the required length. PRINZ cutting equipment have been especially developed to meet the needs of the paper industry and the highest requirements in term of longevity.

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Cutting equipments and accessories