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Press technology

The inflating with pressure of all hollow areas in the saw cut is essential for the restoration of the masonry work.

With little pressure (2-5bar) and suitable connections (injection tube or packer with large passage), mortar, which is sulphate composed and when it hardens free of contraction or shrinkage, is pressed into the saw cut, it closes off the saw cut as well as all adjoining openings and hollow areas.


Mortar pump BMP6

The mortar pump BMP6  is ideal for groutig the cutting joint with non shrinking mortar.


Double force mixer EZR21R

Compared with monoshaft tools, mixing of the materials is faster and more efficient. Even with heavy and specialist products such as flooring compound, epoxy resin, granulates, pastes and putties as well as two and more component materials a thorough homogenous mix achieved.

Owing to the contra rotating mix action there is no counter torque and so making the mix action easier to handle.

Technical Data

Mortar injection pump BMP6 Double force mixer EZR21R
Power supply 230V/50Hz/1800W 230V/ 1150V
Fuse 16A/ Plug 16A/ Plug
Pressure/ RPM  max. 20 bar 140-400U/min
Ammount 0,5 – 14 l/min to about 60kg
Length/ Width/ Height 760cm, 550cm, 1010cm
Weight 25kg (analyzable) 6,8kg
Accessories Hose, Nozzle, FB Mixing tools